Brilliant* Learning

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An amazing new program for young professionals and career minded students

Brilliant learning is the ultimate online education program for grades six and above. It combines high quality core curriculum with career useful vocational and technical courses. Learning paths can be customized to include resources and content from any number of providers, giving ultimate flexibility to fit the needs of our students.


It can be difficult for students who pursue a career in acting, music, business, or other fields to balance the time required with class load. 

Our program is designed to address these challenges while helping to motivate and prepare the student to achieve their career goals.


An affordable and powerful online learning program 

We offer a simple way for young people and adult learners to complete required school courses while working to attain their own goals. Our online homeschooling program includes core subjects with electives that will help you along your chosen career path.  High quality lessons, tests, animations, streaming videos and interactive resources by the world’s leading school publishers will help to make learning fun.

For parents the automated lessons and quizzes put your homeschooling on autopilot. We make it easy!